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FIITJEE Faridabad Vs VMC (Founder/ Extremex) How to decide

FIITJEE Faridabad or VMC (Extended / Regular (Now Founder/ Extremex) How to Decide?

Are you staying at Faridabad and in a dilemma about making the right choice regarding selection of a coaching program? Read on..... 
(Disclaimer: You may always accuse me of being partial since I AM an employee of FIITJEE Limited (And proudly so for being associated with a team of bright and enthusiastic faculty members and students))

Here are some questions/ facts to be considered:

1. VMC was once a great brand where the three brothers themselves used to teach , however last year they have sold out to Educomp. So is VMC now still the same VMC or  has gone in to commercialization and encashing the brand image? It opened 22 centers simultaneously. Will it be realistically possible for the brothers to take classes at all these centers?

2. It is told that the same brothers (one of the three is now permanently settled in US) will also be holding classes at Faridabad. Will it be through video conferencing? Can class control be achieved through video conferencing? Ideally the student teacher ratio should not exceed 50 if there is to be a proper communication. (What about class control, so many times teachers repeat the ideas looking at the body language of the students, is it even possible through video conferencing?).

3. FIITJEE Faridabad has produced excellent results in the very first year of its operations. In a small lot that the center had for the first year, It has 4 selections in RMO/GMO (Practically half the results from Faridabad). (It is Worth mentioning that in GMO only two students had qualified from faridabad and both students are from FIITJEE Faridabad besides there was also another student in RMO who was from FIITJEE Kalu Sarai).

4. In NTSE Out of total 24 students selected in the final stage, 5 students are regular classroom students of FIITJEE Faridabad. Besides Out of special NTSE support sessions that FIITJEE had arranged, 13 students cleared the final stage. This means 13 out of 24 students selected in final stage of NTSE were associated with FIITJEE Faridabad.

5. In NSEJS (First stage of Junior Science Olympiad), out of a total of 6 students selected from entire Haryana, 3 are fiitjee students (2 regular students and 1 from special NSEJS support sessions).

6. It is a general experience of students that FIITJEE Faridabad teachers are very caring and cooperative. So many students take so much extra contact time from Faculty for clearing of their doubts and faculty are always ready in their service. Is it even possible for a Student going to Punjabi Bagh on weekends to Clarify his doubts in the weekdays. Can one run all the way from Faridabad to Punjabi Bagh?

7. A few years back in the regular classroom program out of 15000 students (who appeared in their test), VMC has selected about 200 students. That means that statistically , this test was significantly more tough (or competitive) as compared to IIT JEE (8900 selections out of 4.7 lac). So, out of these, students, the expected selection rate in IIT JEE must be 100% ....  Was it really 100%? ... No. it was about 60% (Yes! You read it right! From regular, not ECC.) (That too when they would move some of the relatively low scoring students  from the regular batch to correspondence (thus reducing the denominator)).

So What should I do?
   Of course,  as a career conscious student (or parent of a student) you should doubt everything that I (or for that matter anybody else) might say and do an independent research. Ask the already studying students (who are taking coaching) and their parents : if they are satisfied... If they really feel cared for... If their doubts are addressed.... It's a matter of your career so please do make an informed decision.
                                                  God Bless! 
                                                                                   Wishing you all the best,
                                                                                    -Ambarish Srivastava
                                                                                (Professor of Physics @ FIITJEE Faridabad, AIR-538
                                                                                (IIT JEE 1995), B.Tech. (Mechanical Engg. IITD)

I had tried many times to contact at Faridabad FIITJEE center, no body picks up the phone. I have sent several mails as well, no body is getting back to me. I am not able to understand what is happening. Number I called are:


Can you please let me know what is the issue, why nobody is picking up the phone. I tried same thing earlier as well.

My number is 9871103363. I just want to know if FIITJEE is not at that stage where it need not to take care who is calling and no need to give any response to mails or phone calls?

I also tried at number 09910059641 which is published on fiitjee website for atleast 25 times. No body is picking up the phone. Can you please let me know who is responsible authority for this so that I can contact him/her directly?

Toll free number which is published on fiitjee website is also not valid. This is just harassing the people. If number is not valid, whats the purpose of publishing it on website.
As per website Toll free number is 1800114242

vmc is the best and yes the three brothres take classes

ya ya Vmc bekaar hai!

Vidyamandir is the best and nothing is compared to VMC's Founder X batch---------

Fiitjee is a totally commercialised place.Just look at the many centres they have got across India and the numerous advertisements of their "stupid" teaching.All those olympiads+KVPY+IIT.How can a student manage these things?The ultimate result is the distraction of a student towards the olympiads and putting many hours for their preparation which could have been effectively put into use for iit jee preparation.Actually the whole "funda" of fiitjee is that "yaar,jismein bhi nikal jaaye!!naam to mera ho hi jaayegaa" All those toppers from fiitjee were themselves too intelligent nd yah they did correspondence from other coaching institutes too.Arpit Agrawal had done it from VMC.VMC modules are great.Sharpening students minds.Fiitjee Kalu sarai which is the least bad among all fiitje centres has a success rate of just 10-12%.The teaching methodology of VMC cannot be even compared to that of other institutes.Its simply great.If a student simply keeps up with what is being taught in VMC and does whatever he is being asked to,he will certainly crack jee.VMC is not bothered about getting their students achieve a rank in top 10.AIR 1 or AIR 91 or AIR 201.They are almost equivalent.You will get a course of your choice.

If u r in faridabaad come to visit "lakshya"undear sps international academy and see the difference
As a teacher m really satisfied with the pattern they follows and as chairman mr suresh bhardwaj itself is devoting all his time in taking the fame of institution by giving emphasis on results
I am really glad to b a part of this organisation situated in huda sector 2
About me than I m ex faculty fitjee chennai
And got offer from akash jamshedpur branch but as a real advisor I bet noone can provide facilities as it is provided in sps international academy
M nt advertising it but m advicing
All the best to all of aspirints

+91 9992999852

fiitjee bakaar..!

barbaad hai.. :P


Look...ek ambani k hone s india ki economy achhi ni hogi,uss country ki economy achhi h jaha ki per capita income achha h...similarly ek air1produce krne s fiitjee cant compete with vidyamandir...fiitjee =failure in comparison with vmc at any cost...vmc z just awsomme

I am a student of VMC, not even Founders batch, just School Integrated Program (JEE 2016).The teachers are amazing. They are very good at their subjects and do not leave you with any doubts. They also help you in any question you could not solve and will devote a lot of time for students. I have been a student of FIITJEE for a year and barring a few, most of the teachers were mediocre. The biggest problem was communication even though they were good at their subjects. So I will always prefer VMC.

P.S. But choose the best coaching centre near you, be it Narayana FIITJEE or VMC and utilize it as much as you can because time management is paramount.

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